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Lost Vape Orion Q Pod Review – A Decent Pod System for Everyday Use

Today we’re gonna check out the Lost Vape an Orion Q Pod System.

This is a follow-up to their very popular Lost vape Orion GO. Last year they had the DNA go chip inside and 40W of max power. This is a more simple version that does not have the DNA go chipset.

So let’s go ahead and dive into it.

What inside the box?

 This is what your packaging is going to look like.

lost vape orion q box content

 So inside, you have:

  • device
  • a user manual
  • little warning card 
  • registration card.
  • little rubber band
  • lanyard
  • micro USB charging cable

I believe that Lost Vape is now going to make products under the questline that do not have DNA chips in it. This device also does come in a kit where they include pods. You’re also going to be able to buy pods separately for ~9$ (2 pods). 

The Appearance and Draw experience

Before we look at the device, let’s check out these pods.

lost vape orion Q Pods
This is a new 1ohm pod that is designed specifically for the Orion Q device. You could use these 1ohm pods on your DNA Go, but obviously, it wouldn’t work in replay mode, because these have kanthal heating wire inside.

New Orion Q pods have two settings:

  • 1ohm 
  • 0.5 ohm to able to fit them for DNA to version.

AFC ring is a new feature of these new pods. It’s got a little texture on it.

I did hear that all the Lost Vape pods going forward even the ones for the DNA Go version is gonna have that AFC ring.

It does spin pretty freely, and on the original, you have airflow control. This Pod is not good for a tight MTL drop even if you close your airflow down to nothing. You got air going in little holes in AFC ring, but then it kind of splays out into the big chamber, and by the time it gets to the coil. So, as a result, you don’t have enough pressure. It’s not hitting coil with enough force, so for me, I found that halfway position for the AFC ring is pretty good.

lost vape orion q pod AFC ring settings

You could maybe close it almost fully, but once you start closing this thing down trying to get the tight true MTL vape off, it won’t work.

Lost Vape Orion Q Pod Review - A Decent Pod System for Everyday Use

We have a horizontal coil on the right side, and a liquid tank is on the left side; it holds two ml of liquid. To fill the tank, you need to unscrew the top cap.

I’m have tested a 50/50 PG/VG 2 milligram of e-liquid. Once it’s full, don’t forget to put the cap back.

The Orion Q Device 

At the test, I have a device called “Weave.” Also, it comes in multiple different color variations. But in my personal opinion, stainless steel looks the best. 

The size and the build quality it’s pretty close to the original Orion DNA. In build quality, it might be a little bit lower compering to the DNA version. On the right side, we have a micro USB charge port, and you won’t see any button to control the wattage, and what I like the most that the base is made from stainless steel. 

To put these pods in, you just push down, and it clicks together. They do have a little bit of play up and down, but they still feel reasonably secure, and you can see a little bit of a gap between the pod and base. In the DNA version, it’s a little bit looser fit. 

Lost Vape Orion Q Pod Review - A Decent Pod System for Everyday Use

If you want to pull your pod out, you pull down on the side little lever, and that comes out. Five clicks turn Orion Q on and off.

Let’s take a look at the button on this one.

Lost Vape Orion Q Pod Review - A Decent Pod System for Everyday Use

When you are turning it on you, have a light at the bottom side that lights up. Between 64 to 100% that is blue 18% to 64% percent that’ll be purple and then zero to 17% that will be red.

Battery capacity at Orion Q is a little bit less than on the DNA Go version.

At Orion Q Pod Vape you’re getting a constant 17 Watts.

I did use this from max all the way downs to where it dies, and the vape experience is the exact same for me.

Just consuming the build quality is not so good as the original.

Orion Q Pod has a little bit of play with these pods. It’s a bit gappy near the pod mount.

Let’s fire it for the first time.

Let’s go ahead, go up top vape this, and talk about it a little more. 

Here is the Orion Q. I’m going to start with the airflow wide open. I have 50/50 PG/VG 2 milligram freebase nicotine liquid for this test.

Let’s vape it.

With a wide-open AFC ring, you’ll get a very restricted lung. For me, it’s definitely too loose lung hit. If you close the airflow down about halfway, you’ll get a more a looser MTL.

If you close it maybe two-thirds – still pretty loose MTL, maybe a medium MTL, and if you close it almost down, you’ll get a tighter MTL. But you get that style of vape where you don’t get enough air pressure. So, for example, take the new aspire Tygon tank to compare. Aspire tank is made for a restricted lung

hit. If I close the airflow down to almost nothing, I’ll get that MTL vape that you get off of like the Innokin EQ. 

A lot of people argue with me on this. And I feel like it’s just because they don’t understand. When I first started vaping, I was just thinking: 

“Oh airflow control you can just jack that thing down to have an MTL, or it can be wide open”

 It’s not really how it works. 

To get that true MTL vape with the proper amount of air pressure, you need the air to be running through a small chamber before it hits your coil and then a pretty narrow chimney after it hits your coil. You can’t just cut the airflow down on the airflow and then expect to get the same kind of vape even though that air is going down a big chamber and then up. It’s a different kind of vape. You don’t get a proper amount of air pressure.  Air doesn’t hit your coil with as much force as you want it compared to a true tight MTL type of vapes like you get with the Innokin EQ or other pod systems, so with the Orion Q, it’s the same type of vapor you get of the Orion Go. 


Let’s discuss other pros and cons.

With these cons:

The built quality.

I don’t think is as good as the original Orion the pods. These pods have a little more play. They’re never gonna pop out or anything like that. But you don’t notice it in day to day hues.

It’s still in that acceptable range for a $30.00 pod system

Built Quality. In my opinion, this pod system got pretty nice materials for a $30 pod system.

AFC ring

Another con for me is that the AFC ring. 

I noticed this on the original Orion too. It is a little bit too loose, and it can move fairly easily in your pocket, so that’s something to be aware of when you take it out of your pocket. Before you go to use it, you check your AFC to make sure that that hasn’t moved.

No True MTL Pod

Also, a big con for me is that they haven’t come out with a true MTL pod for this pod system. 

Let’s talk about the pros.

17 watts

The first one, the big pros for me, is that this pod system got 17 watts of max power and the one Ohm coil. I get a nice vape off of this when I’m doing a loser MTL or restricted lung. I think the flavor is pretty good of it. I think you get plenty of warmth at that 17 watts, and it’s a massive pro.

The constant output

Orion Q has a constant output. You can’t change your wattage, but the vape quality doesn’t go down over time with your battery. It stays at that 17 Watts from beginning to end.

Battery life

You get a lot of battery life. You have that same 950 mAh battery in Orion Q pod system, the same one you had in the original Go version. Orion Q can last you all day, especially with the 1 Ohm pod. And well, I still get a sweet, satisfying vape off of this with a 2 mL with that loser MTL. 

I’ve been using this one quite a bit this month, and you know you get used to the draw. As I said, I wish there were more options, but I still think it’s a pretty satisfying device. The people that like the original Orion DNA are gonna like this too. You get plenty of warmth from it. Also, I think it’s one of the best looking pod systems out on the market. It looks, adult. It doesn’t look like a toy or anything. You know this is the type of device you’d see businessmen use. 

9 Total Score
So who's this for?

For the people that love the look of the Lost Vape Orion series and they like a looser draw. But they don't want all the different features. They don't want to have to plug a device into an e-scribe and set up profiles, they don't want to adjust anything they just want to straight out of the box good vape experience. They don't care about replay and whatever. You get an excellent vape experience of this. I found with 50/50 - PG/VG it's been wicking just fine on the couple pods that I've used. It's a very satisfying vape.

As far as nicotine to use in this, if you're using freebase, I personally don't like anything above 12. If you're gonna use a Nic Salts, I could say you could go up to about 20, but you do get a lot of vapor of this device compared to other pod systems. So keep that in mind you don't need to be using like a 50 milligram Nic Salt.  You're gonna be able to get this for around $30 or lower. There is also an Orion Q Pod starter kits that come with one pod that goes for approximately $35. A pack of two pods are gonna be in that $9 range. So quite a bit cheaper than the Orion DNA Go.

Let's go ahead and end it there, guys. That about wraps it up until next time thanks for reading!

Built Quality
Vapor Production
Ease of Use
  • The constant output
  • 17 Watts of max power
  • Battery Life
  • No true MTL pod
  • The gap between the pod and the device
  • No extra adjustments
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