Editor choice Volcano Hybrid (Digit) Desktop Vaporizer

Volcano Hybrid (Digit) Desktop Vaporizer

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Released in 2007, the digital Volcano vaporizer is the second product of Storz & Bickel’s premium collection of Volcano vaporizers. Storz & Bickel, known for its esteemed Volcano desktop vaporizers, has a good reputation among cannabis users.

Adorably called the Digit, the Volcano Digit is one of the best dry herb desktop vaporizers available today. It is commonly seen in coffeehouses, dispensaries, and even in hospitals. It is the first vaporizer that Health Canada has approved for medicinal cannabis users.


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Volcano Hybrid (Digit) Desktop Vaporizer
Volcano Hybrid (Digit) Desktop Vaporizer
Volcano Hybrid (Digit) Desktop Vaporizer


The adorable Storz & Bickel Volcano Digit model features a digital upgrade compared to its predecessor, the ClassicThe Digit is a game-changer with its better temperature control as well as precision heating. 

Designed as high-quality desktop devices that you plug in, Volcano Digit involves filling hot air in the integrated balloon. This air then reaches to the herb chamber. 

The vaporizer has four buttons below its LCD display, a red or HEAT button to turn ON or OFF, a green AIR button to run the air pump, an orange CONTROL button indicating heat-up + and – triangular to adjust the temperature. 

The unit takes three minutes or more to get fully heated as per the temperature you set. Once heating is over, you put the filling chamber on the heating unit. Before placing your balloon on the chamber, ensure to stretch it tight so that the bag resides vertically while being filled.

The balloon should be locked in place to open the valve. Now, press the AIR button to switch ON the fan. The powerful fan pumps out around 12 liters per minute, indicating filling 40cm balloon in around 45 seconds. This is faster than other balloon vaporizers. Once the balloon is full, take it off the chamber and position the mouthpiece on the balloon. 

Cutting-edge Convection Technology

The improved temperature accuracy of this vaporizer is due to the filtration system and advanced air temperature control, which are a part of the convection technology. This technology allows dispersing the air containing the dried herb’s active ingredients, which is already vaporized into the leak-proof balloon via a valve. 

Convection heating also means no burning of herbs and superior tasty flavor than other balloon vaporizers.

Two Valves

Two types of valves are available to attach to the balloon or bag, namely, Solid and Easy. The Solid valve supports different balloon sizes and is made using heat-resistant plastic and durable stainless steel. It needs cleaning, but it allows significant savings on balloons.

The Easy valve supports just a single balloon size and needs no cleaning. While it saves time, it may call for more balloons. The choice ultimately is a matter of your preference.

Variable Temperature Settings

Volcano Digit offers a wider temperature range than the Classic. It ranges from 40°C to 230°C (104°F to 446°F). This is useful for vaping at truly low temperatures giving thinner clouds.

10Expert Score
Volcano Hybrid (Digit) Desktop Vaporizer
Volcano Hybrid (Digit) Desktop Vaporizer Review Summary
Volcano Digit, at its high price, is ideal for expert vapers and medical marijuana users. If you can afford it, no other plugin and balloon model is likely to attract you.
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Matchless taste and vapor quality
  • Precise temperature control
  • No combustion
  • Pricey
  • Somewhat noisy fan
  • More heat-up time

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Specification: Volcano Hybrid (Digit) Desktop Vaporizer


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