Elon Kit from E1011 Labs Review: Proprietary Flower Vaporizer With a Sleek Design

March 15, 2021

The Elon starter kit from E1011 Labs is a uniquely designed CBD delivery device with an interesting story of how it came about. In ancient times, the inhalation delivery process was used to intake medicine as it results in a quicker reaction of the medicine with the body. Looking for a way to modernize these ideals, E1011 worked to entwine the ancient holistic tradition with innovative technology – and the Elon was born. Right now, there’s no other device in the CBD vaping industry with the same advanced delivery system that the Elon offers.

What’s included

The Elon starter kit from E1011 Labs includes all you need to start vaping and enjoy cannabinoids:

  • The Elon heating device itself.
  • A pack (one pack contains 20 cartridges) of each Stem Uplift and Stem Relax.
  • A USB Type-C cable for charging.

Design, build, and appearance

elon kit what in the box
Elon kIt Vaporizer Contents

The Elon device is made with aerospace materials designed for optimal cannabinoid intake and comes in two classy, elegant colors: silver and gray. Its sleek and stylish button-free design is eye-catching, and its compact and pocket-friendly size only makes it all the more appealing. This non-combustion device is pretty lightweight and is just slightly bigger than a lighter, making it super discreet. Combined with relatively good battery life, you can easily slide it in your pocket for all-day carrying and take hits as needed.

The device’s chassis houses the heater and its housings, a flex cable, two PCBs, and a 1000mAh li-ion battery. Its top cap is also removable to allow users to take out used stems quickly, and the detachable heating was designed with an emergency fail-safe technology. There’s also an O-shaped blowhole right above where the charging port is for pausing or stopping your session.

Elon kit big box
Elon Vaporizer kit Extended Box Set

The Elon also features a cool LED indicator that tells you about the device’s battery life and heat-up status when a cartridge is inserted. The indicator displaying a solid green light indicates that the cartridge is all heated up and ready to use, while a blinking red light indicates low power or charging mode.

Main features

This state-of-the-art, low-temp heating device has several notable features, and one of them is its convenient self-cleaning function. Once its battery gets to 80% while charging, this function is activated and the Elon is going to start cleaning itself, leaving you absolutely no worries about it being clogged or getting awful, burnt hits when you pick it up. This basically guarantees that you’ll get smooth, delicious hits each time you pull it off the charger and start a session.

elon kit main features
Elon Kit Battery Status Indication

Another great Elon feature is how fast it charges. Thanks to the USB Type-C charger, getting a full charge from a dead battery only takes 30 minutes. And that full charge can give you around 10 to 15 sessions.

With this smart piece of tech adopting a button-free design, all you have to do to get right to use it is insert a stem and inhale. The Elon also has a speedy heat-up time of only 5 seconds, and its concentric, non-combustion heating system eliminates burning, smoke, ash, and pyrolytic toxins. Said heating technology does well at evenly heating up the stem/cartridge, too, maintaining a consistent and pleasant vapor taste throughout sessions. Moreover, sessions can easily be paused or stopped using the blowhole at its side.

Lastly, as this could be a piece of crucial information to some, the Elon’s stems/cartridges contain federally compliant hemp flower with less than 0.3% of THC, so you don’t have to worry about getting high.

How the Elon works

To put it simply (and briefly), the Elon’s low-temp technology slowly and evenly heats the hemp flowers inside the stem/cartridge to the ideal temperature in order to give users the full spectrum benefits of cannabinoids and CBD without wasting material.

elon kit how it works
Elon Vaporizer Kit: How it Works?

The device can sense when a stem/cartridge is inserted and immediately starts to heat up when it does. It then automatically ends the session after three and a half minutes. When it detects a blow into the O-shaped hole in the middle of a session, it pauses the session. And when it detects a second blow, the session is resumed.

Features of the stems/cartridges

elon kit cartridges
Elon Kit stems (flower cartridges)

The Stems used with the Elon are pre-packed with 0.75g of premium, all-natural, and CBD- and terpene-rich hemp flowers sourced from US farmers. They go through stringent dual lab testing and quality control to ensure safety, purity, cleanliness, and potency. 

These stems/cartridges are made of biodegradable paper and are designed to prevent hemp spills and minimize oxidation. A QR code is also printed on their packaging – scanning it will give you access to your stem pack’s COAs and show you the percentage of CBD it contains.


E1011’s application of innovative technologies to the ancient tradition of medicine inhalation is undoubtedly a job well done, and the Elon starter kit, with all things considered, offers good value for money and a unique experience you’re not going to find everywhere. This is an excellent device for any self-care occasion and for people looking for an unbelievably easy way to medicate. It couldn’t be easier to use, and having access to your pack of stems’ information like COAs and how much CBD is in them is a huge plus. That way, you get to know what you’re in for and exactly what you’re putting in your body each time you load the stem and take a puff.

10 Total Score

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Samuel Roberts

Samuel Roberts

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