Desktop Vaporizers

Desktop vaporizers are devices used for inhaling vapor produced through the application of heat on organic substances. They work by extracting compounds without actually burning the substance.

The difference between desktop and portable devices, as their names suggest, is that desktop vaporizers are quite large in size and are mainly designed for home use as they are stationary and need to be plugged into a wall outlet, whereas portable vaporizers are small and are designed to be used on the go as they are powered by batteries.


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Volcano Hybrid (Digit) Desktop Vaporizer

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What is a Desktop Vaporizer?

Desktop vaporizers have evolved from simple, basic box-style devices that draw vapor by utilizing whips to digital ones featuring standard whip draws and cutting-edge balloon bag inhalation methods. They came before portable vaporizers and were the original way of vaping weed and cannabis concentrates.

Since they are directly plugged into a wall outlet, desktop vaporizers make use of really sophisticated heating technology and therefore produce higher amounts of smoother tasting, richer, and quality vapor – making for a more efficient and overall better user experience. Desktop vaporizers also make more use of your dry herbs compared with portable vaporizers, and because they have larger chambers, they require fewer refills for less hassle. With that said, they are the go-to vaporizer type for people who regularly vape weed and for longer vaping sessions involving multiple people.

How do Desktop Vaporizer Work?

Different desktop dry herb vaporizers utilize a variety of intake methods, which include whips and heat-resistant balloons. They work in two ways: conductive heating and convective heating.

  • Conductive heating – Conductive desktop vaporizers work by heating a surface and requiring the vaper to place their dry herb on top of said surface. This type of heating requires the vaporizer to be shaken occasionally during use to avoid burning your dry herb. 
  • Convective heating – Convective desktop vaporizers, on the other hand, work by heating the air around the dry herb in the chamber until the compounds in the dry herb converts into vapor. Convective dry herb vaporizers nowadays come with temperature control capabilities, which can be used with the attached knobs or buttons on the unit.

Choosing a Desktop Vaporizer: Things to Consider

There are several things to consider when choosing a desktop vaporizer, with the main thing being their style: whip-style, forced air or balloon collection, or hybrid or dual-function ones for the best of both worlds.

  • Whip-style desktop vaporizers – Whip-style desktop vaporizers make use of a “whip” attachment that’s comprised of three main parts: the wand, the tubing, and the mouthpiece, with the wand being the glass piece where you pack your dry herb in, the tubing being a piece of medical-grade silicone, and the mouthpiece being a piece of glass that your mouth comes in contact with when inhaling. Whip-style desktop vaporizers’ inhalation method works a lot like normal vapes do. When choosing between several whip-style desktop vaporizers, you should look for one that offers a hands-free vaping experience. A high-quality unit should also have airtight seals for an overall improved vapor and flavor production. This type of vaporizer is considered by some people as an old-school means of vaporization, but newer models just prove that wrong with offerings like high-tech LCDs, precise temperature controls, and cutting-edge designs and technology.
  • Forced air or balloon desktop vaporizers – Forced air or balloon desktop vaporizers are a bit more sophisticated and advanced than whip-style ones, which also means that they are more expensive. Despite being more expensive, this type of desktop weed vaporizer is gaining popularity as it offers a hassle-free usage and excellent vapor quality. They work by way of convection heating – utilizing a fan that drives the heat around your dry herb to fill a balloon bag with vapor. Most desktop vaporizers of this type also feature varying fan settings for a more controlled flow of hot air. They are, by far, the type of desktop vaporizers that offer the most seamless vaping experience.
  • Hybrid or dual-function desktop vaporizers – Hybrid or dual-function desktop vaporizers, as the name suggests, are capable of both whip-style and forced air/balloon delivery. This style is ideal for those who are just starting their journey on desktop vaporizers as it allows them to experiment with both methods to help them decide what their preferred style is. You cannot of course expect hybrid or dual-function vaporizers to be as strong as those units that only focus on a single method, but this doesn’t mean that they cannot provide a remarkable experience for both. The Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid is a great example of a high-performing hybrid desktop vaporizer.
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